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4th Level



Galder's Speedy Courier

Spell Components

4th Level Conjuration Spell




Cast Time



1 action

10 minutes

10 feet

Source: Lost Laboratory of Kwalish

Material(25 gold pieces, or mineral goods of equivalent value, which the spell consumes)

You summon a Small air elemental to a spot within range. The air elemental is formless, nearly transparent, immune to all damage, and cannot interact with other creatures or objects. It carries an open, empty chest whose interior dimensions are 3 feet on each side. While the spell lasts, you can deposit as many items inside the chest as will fit. You can then name a living creature you have met and seen at least once before, or any creature for which you possess a body part, lock of hair, clipping from a nail, or similar portion of the creature’s body.

As soon as the lid of the chest is closed, the elemental and the chest disappear, then reappear adjacent to the target creature. If the target creature is on another plane, or if it is proofed against magical detection or location, the contents of the chest reappear on the ground at your feet.

The target creature is made aware of the chest’s contents before it chooses whether or not to open it, and knows how much of the spell’s duration remains in which it can retrieve them. No other creature can open the chest and retrieve its contents. When the spell expires or when all the contents of the chest have been removed, the elemental and the chest disappear. The elemental also disappears if the target creature orders it to return the items to you. When the elemental disappears, any items not taken from the chest reappear on the ground at your feet.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using an 8th-level spell slot, you can send the chest to a creature on a different plane of existence from you.

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