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How To Find the Right D&D Group For You!

The most important part of D&D is to find a group of like minded and adventure-hungry players and a dungeon master to helm the adventure. This post will give you tips and tools to find a group that is right for you.

Finding players as a Dungeon Master:

The Dungeon Master (DM) in D&D brings the group together and guides them in their adventures. Finding players can be tricky but there are a lot of ways to go about it: posting in communities that revolve around D&D, joining others campaigns and finding other players that you vibe well with, approaching friends who haven’t played D&D and having them embark on the journey with you, etc. Although the dungeon master is vital to the game, you also have to remember that without players to enjoy your campaigns it will never get off the ground. The trick to being a good DM that players want to experience D&D with is being able to mold and morph the way you DM to the way the players play and enjoy D&D.

Finding a group as a Player:

On the other side of the coin is the Player: one of many but still just as important as the DM themselves. As a player it can be easier to find games but can also be tougher to find a group that suits you and the way that you choose to enjoy the game. As a player, there are many outlets to finding D&D sessions to play in: communities that are focused on D&D and have community sessions, online sign-ups for games, asking friends to start a game together, etc. Being a good player means being able to bounce off the other characters in the group and playing within the boundaries of the Dungeon Master.

Everyone plays D&D differently but the trick to finding the right group is being open and willing to learn from others. Get out there into the world of Dungeons and Dragons and try it out. The only thing that will stop you from playing is if you aren’t open and willing to talk to new people and see how they may enjoy the game. Happy Adventuring!

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