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Trinkets (The Wild Beyond The Witchlight)




d100Feywild Trinket

1Cookie cutter shaped like a unicorn

2Two yew rings linked together

3Silver hand mirror with a nymph-shaped handle

4Painted wooden key whose teeth change configuration every day at dawn

5Delicate silver cameo with pictures of twin children opposite one another

6Golden pendant charm shaped like a leprechaun

7Tiny wooden box containing a croquet set sized for pixies or sprites

8Tiny pair of sharp, iron scissors

9Chess piece shaped like a dancing satyr wearing a bishop's hat and clutching a gnarled staff

10Saltshaker shaped like a wizard's tower

11Crystal orb that allows an elf who holds it to sleep

12Pendant that shows the phases of the moon

13Large iron fingernail

14Tiny electrum whistle that only Fey can hear

15Wooden jigsaw puzzle piece as big as a saucer, with a painted image of a jug on it

16Spool of glistening silver thread

17Sheet of music that goblins find upsetting when they hear it played or sung

18Rotten ogre's tooth with the Elvish glyph for "moon" etched into it

19Vitrified eye of a displacer beast

20Tiny duskwood coffin containing the ashes of a troll

21Old invitation to a banquet in the Summer Court, written in ink on vellum in Sylvan

22Gossamer shawl that glows faintly in moonlight

23Ball-and-cup toy that plays a short, victorious jingle whenever the ball lands in the cup

24Sprite's skull covered in ink fingerprints

25Silver fork with the outer tines bent sideways

26A soot-stained sock in which a nugget of coal magically appears each day at dawn

27Tiny wooden stool (sized for a pixie or sprite) that gives splinters to those who hold it

28Tiny clockwork dragonfly that slowly beats its wings (but can't fly) when wound up

29Toy unicorn made of wood, painted with bright colors

30Pixie plushie that sings when you squeeze it

311-inch-square painting of a sleeping elf

32Thimble that helps you daydream when worn

33Pumpkin cupcake that magically regenerates itself in its paper cup each day at dawn

34Fake Three-Dragon Ante card depicting a faerie dragon

35Teacup made from a varnished mushroom cap that magically keeps its liquid contents lukewarm

36Rock that floats and is small enough to hide in your closed fist

37Tiny bottle filled with rainwater collected from the Feywild

38Opalescent conch shell that laughs when you hold it to your ear

39Vial of viscous liquid labeled "Fomorian spit. Do not drink!"

40Wax candle that roars and crackles like a bonfire while lit

41Potted daffodil that sways when near a source of music

428-ounce, glass wine bottle that magically reassembles itself 1 minute after being broken

43Tiny wooden sylph figurehead from a model ship

44Tiny pumpkin-shaped cauldron carved out of bog oak

45Bar of soap that smells like something memorable from your childhood

46Piece of orange parchment folded to look like a knight astride a unicorn

47Tinted glasses so dark that they can't be seen through

488-inch-long glass ant figurine

49Piece of parchment bearing a child's drawing of an oni

50Tiny hourglass without sand in it

51Empty vial with corked ends at the top and bottom

52Pair of green leprechaun boots tied together by their laces

53Smoking pipe made from a tree root

54Red cap that droops down to one's shoulders when worn

55Mask that helps you remember your dreams if you wear it while you sleep

56Notebook that shows what's written on it only when held upside down

57Wooden top with four sides, each bearing the image of children enjoying a different season

58Tiny beehive wig made for sprites or pixies

59Wooden mouse figurine that squeaks when held

60Stuffed oni doll with a creepy smile and one missing eye

61Empty bag labeled "Candy"

62Tinted glass monocle that makes things look green

63Black executioner's hood sized for a pixie or sprite

64Piano key carved from a satyr's horn

65Tiny wooden lute with cat hairs for strings

66Iron needle with an eye that refuses to let thread pass through it

67Tiny sundial that casts a shadow only in moonlight

68Wooden pan flute that attracts harmless local fauna when played

69Silvered pinecone

70Flask of spectral glowworms that change color to reflect the mood of the flask's holder

71Wooden apple painted blue

72Tuning fork that sounds the tone for the F key

73Nunchaku sized for a pixie or sprite

74Copper coin with a smiling satyr's face on one side and a satyr's skull on the other

75Severed chicken's foot attached to a leather cord

76Collection of baby teeth in a tiny wooden box

77Pinwheel whirligig that spins even when there's no wind

78Child's parasol covered in moss and leaves

79Wooden magnifying glass missing its lens

80Glossy mushroom with a red, bell-shaped cap that jingles when shook

81Pouch of seeds that smell like home

82Petrified robin's egg

83Wooden spoon with a hole in the center

84Paper wasp nest in a jar

85Sprig of rosemary wrapped with ribbon at one end

86Tiny, unfurnished dollhouse sized for a pixie child

87Paintbrush made entirely of ceramic-even the bristles

88Candlestick whose candlelight looks like a tiny, dancing fairy made of fire

89Spectacle frames in the shape of butterfly wings

90Set of false wooden teeth

91Tiny book of fairytales

92Rucksack in which one potato magically appears each day at dawn

93Pixie's winter jacket lined with fox fur

94Tasseled wine charm shaped like a sprite

95Weak magnetic wand

96100-sided die the size of a plum, cut from coal

97Glass slipper, missing its mate

98Tiny dreamcatcher

99Barbell sized for a pixie or sprite

100 Music box that plays a sprightly tune you remember from your childhood

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