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Trinkets (Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes)




d8Elven Trinket

1A small notebook that causes anything written in it to disappear after 1 hour

2A crystal lens made of ivory and gold that causes anything observed through it to appear to be surrounded by motes of multicolored light

3A small golden pyramid inscribed with elven symbols and about the size of a walnut

4A cloak pin made from enamel in the shape of a butterfly; when you take the pin off, it turns into a real butterfly, and returns when you are ready to put your cloak back on again

5A golden compass that points toward the nearest portal to the Feywild within 10 miles

6A small silver spinning top that, when spun, endlessly spins until interrupted

7A small songbird made of enamel, gold wire, and precious stone; uttering the songbird's name in Elvish causes the trinket to emit that bird's birdsong

8A small enamel flower that, when put in one's hair, animates, tying back the wearer's hair with a living vine with flowers; plucking a single flower from this vine returns it to its inanimate form

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