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Trinkets (Lost Laboratory of Kwalish)




Barrier Peaks Trinkets

d100 Trinket

1-2 A handheld device containing a glowing green gem that darkens when no oxygen is present

3-4 A foot-long, egg-shaped object made from stitched leather

5-6 A black metal cylinder that dictates the history of an unknown plant or animal species when held

7-8 A cylindrical jar containing a pickled crustacean of unknown origin

9-10 A small thumb-button storage cylinder that releases a useless iron key when pressed

11-12 An unusual heraldic cloak pin that emits a short musical fanfare when tapped

13-14 A handheld tube that sucks in dust when squeezed and captures it in a detachable compartment

15-16 A scintillating disk of unknown material

17-18 A dial that can be twisted to slowly click back to its origin, whereupon it emits a loud ringing noise

19-20 A hovering, apple-sized orb of metal that follows you around

21-22 The petrified cocoon of an unknown insect

23-34 A bronze gauntlet set with many slots, and which violently expels any object pressed into those slots

25-26 A box that plays an illusory message in an unknown language when opened

27-28 A rod that causes you to forget the last five minutes when you press a button near its tip

29-30 A palm-sized cylinder that emits a harmless ray of glowing blue light when squeezed

31-32 A bead that suppresses your hearing when secreted inside either ear, causing you to be deafened

33-34 An amulet that displays your current health as a green bar above your head, with the bar retracting as your hit point total decreases

35-36 A casket containing one hundred tasteless blue pills that produce no discernible effect when swallowed

37-38 A metal mechanical puzzle with no apparent solution

39-40 A metal spinning top that never tips over when spun

41-42 Two strips of cloth-like material, each coated with a soft, hair-like fuzz on one side

43-44 A simple wire pyramid that preserves any foodstuffs it is placed over

45-56 A star chart labeled in an unknown script

47-48 A rectangle of black glass that displays indecipherable arcane runes when you swipe your finger across it

49-50 A schematic that shows the inner workings of an impossibly complex device

51-52 An odd pair of comfortable shoes made from supple, multicolored material

53-54 A mirror that makes you appear more beautiful when you tap your reflection

55-56 A mechanical metal puppy that playfully follows you around when activated

57-58 A talking bracelet that speaks only to correct your grammar

59-60 A bar of soap that can remove any stain

61-62 A journal in Common, written by someone in a world similar to but not quite the same as your own

63-64 A tub containing one serving of disgusting but nutritious goop that refills itself slowly over the course of one week

65-66 An instruction manual for activating a mysterious, world-destroying device

67-68 A small supple disk that displays weird moving symbols when placed over either eye

69-70 A tiny desk set with large, colorful buttons, each of which plays a discordant musical fanfare when pressed

71-72 A pair of tinted spectacles that reduce the glare of the sun when worn

73-74 An inflatable bedroll made from an unknown material, and which slowly deflates when used

75-76 A rod tipped with a blunt metal pincer whose grip can be adjusted by turning a screw

77-78 A battered helmet with a transparent orange visor that flips into place when donned

79-80 An animated map of a mysterious city that appears to be tracking the movements of five creatures

81-82 A cylinder of mist that holds your hair perfectly in shape when sprayed onto your head

83-84 A talking wand that tells you the name of any plant you point it at

85-86 A metal bracelet that displays the number of steps you've taken since your last long rest

87-88 A tiny handheld device that projects a glowing dot onto whatever you point it at

89-90 A rectangular piece of glass that displays a twelve-digit countdown on its surface

91-92 A wall chart of mysterious formulae arranged into a color-coded grid

93-94 A handheld device that solves any math problem you input using its buttons

95-96 A ball of speckled brown fur that appears to be alive

97-98 A complicated crystal board game that you don't know how to play

99-100 A large glass rectangle that displays a storm of black and white patterns when you press a button on its underside

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