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Trinkets (Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden)



d100Trinket 1-4A small wooden figurine of a yawning walrus, painted in red and black 5-8A pair of scrimshaw cufflinks with an image of a fisherman on a boat engraved on them 9-12A small iron key with a frayed blue and gold cord tied to it 13-16A small illustrated book of Northlander myths that has pages missing 17-20A damaged scrimshaw cameo depicting a merfolk 21-24A stone from a burial cairn with a tiny Dwarvish rune carved into it 25-28A ripped cloth sail with a symbol you don't recognize 29-32An Ulu knife with a scrimshaw handle 33-36A jar containing an unidentifiable, sweet, sticky substance 37-40A delicate glass ball painted with snowflakes, capped by a metal loop with a tiny hook attached to it 41-44An expedition log with missing pages and a pressed flower used as a bookmark 45-48An owl figurine carved from whalebone 49-52A sewing box that smells of old wood and has three spools of blue thread inside 53-56A scrimshaw-handled ink pen with black runic designs along its length 57-60A brooch made from a small insect encased in amber 61-64A scrimshaw pepper shaker etched with the letter W 65-68An old, wooden-handled ice pick stained with blood that won't wash off 69-72A fabric doll bearing an angry expression 73-76A set of wind chimes made from seashells 77-80A beautiful silver tin that, when opened, emits the smell of rotting fish 81-84A bloodstained dreamcatcher made from fishing line, gold wire, and snowy owlbear feathers 85-88A figurine of a polar bear made of ice that never melts 89-92A snow globe that doesn't need to be shaken 93-96A piece of sea glass shaped like a unicorn's horn 97-00A dark blue scarf that gets lighter in shade the higher the altitude of the wearer
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