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Trinkets (Ebberon: Rising from the Last War)




Trinkets from Aerenal


1A bronzewood ring inscribed with the Elvish word for "hope"

2A dried flower; if it's placed in water, it blooms

3An ebony locket; when it's opened, an elven voice whispers "Always"

4A tiny skull carved from dark wood

5A tiny skull carved from dark wood

6An ivory flute which produces no sound

7A small journal made from preserved leaves

8A small journal made from preserved leaves

Trinkets from Argonnessen


1A pierced dragon scale on a cord

2A statuette of a dragon carved from black bone

3A dragon's tooth, engraved with an unknown sigil

4A child's doll of a dragon, woven from leather cords

5A dagger carved from a dragon's talon

6A brass disk bearing the silhouette of a black dragon

7A small egg-shaped piece of polished bone

8A bone fragment with brass inlaid runes

9A leather pouch filled with tiny draconic teeth

10A single large seed that's warm to the touch

Trinkets from the Frostfell and Everice


1A small prism carved from ice that doesn't melt

2A rusted iron coin, depicting a dwarf lord and the worlds "Five Rex Undra"

3A pair of eight-sided dice carved from ice that doesn't melt

4A swatch of silvery fur that's cold to the touch, possibly from a winter wolf

5A snowball; it doesn't melt and can't be compressed into ice

6A tiny white dragon sculpted from ice that doesn't melt

7A key carved from ice that doesn't melt

8A single scale from a white dragon

Trinkets from Khyber


1A pressed flower with vivid green petals; when you smell it, you hear eerie music

2A tiny ball of putty; if you set it down, it begins to slowly crawl around

3A perpetually warm disk of dark iron

4A small journal with leathery pages; any words you write in it slowly disappear

5A four-sided die carved with strange markings

6A cameo with the silhouette of an unknown species

7A preserved finger with purple flesh and four joints

8A perfectly preserved eye; if you set it down, it rotates to follow your movement

9A small box; when opened, you alone hear screaming

10A preserved insect; you've never seen another like it

Trinkets from Sarlona


1A polished crystal sphere; when you clutch it in your fist, a telepathic voice recites a story in your mind

2A teardrop pendant made from polished shell; when you hold it, you see the image of a young Riedran man

3A six-sided crystal die; when you roll it, you feel a surge of emotion for six seconds

4A sealed vial filled with faintly luminescent blue mist

5A crystal disk engraved with a labyrinthine pattern

6A leather-bound collection of kalashtar poetry called Shards of the Light

7A sphere of polished crystal; when you hold it in your palm, you feel that it knows you and understands you

8A cup and ball toy; when you successfully catch the ball in the cup, you feel a momentary surge of joy ​

Trinkets from Xen'drik


1A punched ticket for a voyage from Sharn to Stormreach

2A scorpion's barb engraved with a single Elvish letter

3A copper coin so big you could use it as a dinner plate

4An image of an elf warrior engraved on a giant's tooth

5A single page from a giant wizard's spellbook, bearing an incomplete spell

6A scrap of parchment, part of a map of Stormreach

7A small book titled Feersome Beests of Zendrik

8A scrimshaw carving of a sahuagin

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