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Item Type

Trinkets (Acquisition's Incorporated)




d100 Trinket

1 A perfect skipping stone

2 Three weighted dice that always roll low

3 A locket with a picture of Jim Darkmagic

4 A tiny anvil and smith's hammer

5 A nonfunctional Immovable Rod

6 A DIY acupuncture kit

7 A stuffed owlbear toy

8 A diagram for a new war lute

9 A declaration of war against a nation no one has ever heard of

10 A pipe that emits green smoke

11 A glass eye

12 The centerpiece of a priceless chandelier

13 A fine cane with a secret compartment

14 A letter written by Rosie Beestinger

15 A coin that always lands on its edge

16 The deed and title to an abandoned windmill and three acres of tillable land that you've never been able to find

17 A menu from Big Daddy Donaar's Yum Yum Hut

18 A small purse that screams loudly when opened

19 A deep-crow-feather quill

20 A pair of breeches that always smells faintly of honey

21 A one-armed Viari doll (Apocalypse Dagger accessory missing)

22 A leather pouch filled with various finger bones of unknown provenance

23 The collar of your childhood pet, Nutmeg

24 A seashell that, when pressed to the ear, speaks in lowing rhymes

25 A recipe book for cooking with mushrooms

26 One expired coupon for "A Free Cornerstone"

27 A portable beehive

28 Goggles that literally tint everything rose colored

29 A Wand of Wonder that allows you to cast only Mending

30 A bracelet woven from mistletoe

31 A curved claw from an unknown beast that small children are always frightened of

32 A longsword that can be folded down in 1 minute and hidden in your pocket

33 A living graft of what you believe to be the World Tree

34 A tattered scarf with the Acquisitions Incorporated logo

35 A box containing a torn-up letter

36 An old contract marked "Void"

37 A small pigeon in a cage

38 An Acquisitions Incorporated "Green Flame" foam finger

39 A "C" Team lunchbox

40 A potted plant that grows different fruit on every branch

41 A book of adventures for children

42 An Omin action figure with detachable maul and holy symbol

43 A pint glass engraved with a picture of a keg robot

44 A giant hockey puck

45 A miniature cannon that actually fires

46 A very fancy red scarf and matching handkerchief

47 An arrow once shot by Morgraen

48 A purple worm toy

49 A burned doll whose eyes follow you around the room

50 An infinite inkwell

51 A band embroidered with the symbol of the Six

52 A squishy cactus

53 A velvet blindfold

54 A dirty figurine of a triceratops that can't be cleaned

55 A used (and thus nonmagical) noble knife from the Noble Knife

56 A quill that rotates through all the colors of the rainbow

57 A twenty-sided die that only rolls the number 4

58 A pointed hat that glows in the dark

59 A cup that hums when filled with water

60 A mug fashioned from the skull of someone else's enemy

61 A small glass jar containing an immortal firefly

62 A fake mustache made from gnome facial hair

63 A petrified troll finger

64 Half of a map

65 The other half of a map

66 An unreasonable amount of pocket lint

67 A dozen flyers for a local gnome food place

68 Omin Dran's business card

69 A lock of hair from a changeling

70 A marble that rolls uphill

71 A piece of parchment listing a command word for a powerful magic item

72 A book titled Conversational Giant

73 A user's manual for an Apparatus of Kwalish

74 A signed headshot of famous bard Spice Caraway

75 The eye of a basilisk in a crystal box

76 A postcard from Ravnica

77 A stamp collection

78 A small piece of solidified smoke

79 A six-sided die that sometimes rolls a seven

80 A left-handed gauntlet

81 A music box that plays nursery rhymes

82 A locket that's bigger on the outside than the inside

83 A potted plant that grows hair instead of leaves

84 A collection of teeth

85 A coin whose minting date always shows three years in the future

86 A green drinking horn taken from a very large bull

87 A small book containing pressed and dried botanical samples

88 A hatched chimera egg

89 A slightly used red bandit mask

90 A tiny stirge encased in amber

91 A large bottle of Red Larch Ale that can't be opened

92 A cane topped with a stylized golden bulldog

93 A note in your own hand that you don't remember writing

94 A sprig of herbs from your family's garden

95 A tankard stolen from the Dran & Courtier

96 A small, severed tentacle preserved in alcohol

97 A walnut with a face drawn on it

98 A small flask of liquid from the Lake of Radiant Mists

99 An ice cube that never melts

100 An expertly carved sword hilt with the blade snapped cleanly off

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