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Item Type

Leatherworker's tools



5 lb.
5 gp

Leatherworker's Tools

Knowledge of leatherworking extends to lore concerning animal hides and their properties. It also confers knowledge of leather armor and similar goods.


Leatherworker's tools include a knife, a small mallet, an edger, a hole punch, thread, and leather scraps.


Your expertise in working with leather grants you added insight when you inspect magic items crafted from leather, such as boots and some cloaks.


You gain added insight when studying leather items or clues related to them, as you draw on your knowledge of leather to pick out details that others would overlook.

Identify Hides. 

When looking at a hide or a leather item, you can determine the source of the leather and any special techniques used to treat it. For example, you can spot the difference between leather crafted using dwarven methods and leather crafted using halfling methods.

Activity DC

Modify a leather item's appearance 10

Determine a leather item's history 20


You can spot irregularities in stone walls or floors, making it easier to find trap doors and secret passages.


Your knowledge of masonry allows you to spot weak points in brick walls. You deal double damage to such structures with your weapon attacks.

Activity DC

Chisel a small hole in a stone wall 10

Find a weak point in a stone wall 15

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