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Item Type

Glassblower's tools



5 lb.
30 gp

Glassblower's Tools

Someone who is proficient with glassblower's tools has not only the ability to shape glass, but also specialized knowledge of the methods used to produce glass objects.


The tools include a blowpipe, a small marver, blocks, and tweezers. You need a source of heat to work glass.

Arcana, History. 

Your knowledge of glassmaking techniques a ids you when you examine glass objects, such as potion bottles or glass items found in a treasure hoard. For instance, you can study how a glass potion bottle has been changed by its contents to help determine a potion's effects. (A potion might leave behind a residue, deform the glass, or stain it.)


When you study an area, your knowledge can aid you if the clues include broken glass or glass objects.

Identify Weakness. 

With 1 minute of study, you can identify the weak points in a glass object. Any damage dealt to the object by striking a weak spot is doubled.


Identify source of glass10

Determine what a glass object once held20

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