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Item Type

Dragonchess set



1/2 lb.
1 gp

Gaming Kit

Proficiency with a gaming set applies to one type of game, such as Three-Dragon Ante or games of chance that use dice.


A gaming set has all the pieces needed to play a specific game or type of game, such as a complete deck of cards or a board and tokens.


Your mastery of a game includes knowledge of its history, as well as of important events it was connected to or prominent historical figures involved with it.


Playing games with someone is a good way to gain understanding of their personality, granting you a better ability to discern their lies from their truths and read their mood.

Sleight of Hand. 

Sleight of Hand is a useful skill for cheating at a game, as it allows you to swap pieces, palm cards, or alter a die roll. Alternatively, engrossing a target in a game by manipulating the components with dexterous movements is a great distraction for a pickpocketing attempt.


Catch a player cheating15

Gain insight into an opponent's personality15

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