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Item Type

Disguise kit



3 lb.
25 gp

Disguise Kit

The perfect tool for anyone who wants to engage in trickery, a disguise kit enables its owner to adopt a false identity.


A disguise kit includes cosmetics, hair dye, small props, and a few pieces of clothing.


In certain cases, a disguise can improve your ability to weave convincing lies.


The right disguise can make you look more fearsome, whether you want to scare someone away by posing as a plague victim or intimidate a gang of thugs by taking the appearance of a bully.


A cunning disguise can enhance an audience's enjoyment of a performance, provided the disguise is properly designed to evoke the desired reaction.


Folk tend to trust a person in uniform. If you disguise yourself as an authority figure, your efforts to persuade others are often more effective.

Create Disguise. 

As part of a long rest, you can create a disguise. It takes you 1 minute to don such a disguise once you have created it. You can carry only one such disguise on you at a time without drawing undue attention, unless you have a Bag of Holding or a similar method to keep them hidden. Each disguise weighs 1 pound.

  • At other times, it takes 10 minutes to craft a disguise that involves moderate changes to your appearance, and 30 minutes for one that requires more extensive changes.


Cover injuries or distinguishing marks10

Spot a disguise being used by someone else 15

Copy a humanoid's appearance 20

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